Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

AGON offers pharmaceutical-galenic analytics. In particular, we carry out content determinations, purity determinations, release determinations, identity determinations and physicochemical determinations. Our equipment and facilities are correspondingly comprehensive.


We work with HPLC systems from the companies Shimadzu and Beckman Coulter. The equipment is regularly maintained and qualified externally on the basis of maintenance contracts as well as internally by our trained personnel. For the determinations we have the following detectors: UV/VIS, DAD, fluorescence, refractive index, ELSD and electrochemical detector.


Our Nexis GC 2030 gas chromatograph from Shimadzu is equipped with an FID detector.


An automatic applicator (Linomat 5) is available for thin-layer chromatographic identity and purity testing, especially of herbal medicines and starting materials. Detection can be performed in VIS, 254 and 366 fluorescence. Documentation is carried out via a digital camera.

Physical determinations

A Sotax HT 100 is available for the automated determination of physical parameters on solid dosage forms.

Physico-chemical determinations

We perform the following physicochemical determinations on your behalf: Loss on drying, pH, density, uniformity of mass of capsules, total mass, length & diameter, breaking strength, disintegration time, friability, and various wet chemical determinations. In addition, an automatic titration stand with electrochemical detection and phototrodes for end-point determination is available.

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