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The AGON laboratory has grown steadily over the years. We now offer a range of services for product analytics that originated during the development of methods for traditional medicinal products as part of post-marketing surveillance. You will be amazed by the sheer range of what we offer – from method development and validation to stability testing and routine analysis for final batch release. Our highly qualified team remains up-to-date by means of continuous education, offering you flexible and reliable support in securing your supply chains and your marketing authorisations.

Our services

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    Routine analytics

    AGON is more than happy to conduct release testing of your medicinal products for final batch release or quality control on your behalf.

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    Analytical development

    The AGON laboratory has over 30 years of experience in the development of analytic methods that originated during post-marketing surveillance of traditional medicinal products.  We will develop a validated method for your project, or update your current method to reflect the most up-to-date science and technology.

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    Stability testing

    Our modern climate testing facilities are located in Leonberg, located 40 kilometres away from our site at Wendlingen. We store your stability samples and monitor test times, and ensure appropriate removal from storage and environmental conditions, so that you don't have to.

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    Method Validation

    After we have successfully developed a method for you, or updated your existing test procedures, we are able to perform validation activities based on your specifications and in compliance with the ICH Guideline Validation of Analytical Procedures Q2 (R1), as well as our internal rules of procedure. After appropriate consultation, the results are documented in a validation report that is ready for submission, usually in English.

Equipment & Facilities

We are constantly expanding our range of equipment – all of which is obviously maintained and qualified in accordance with GMP guidelines. We would now like to present some of our equipment and options for analytics and stability storage.

  • Laboratory equipment

    You can find out more about our equipment here

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  • Stability testing

    Stability testing in accordance with ICH

    Zone I ("temperate" 21°C/45 % RH), Thermotec TCS 501/L climatic chamber

    Zone II ("mediterranean/subtropical" 25°C/60 % RH), Thermotec climatic chamber

    Zone IVa ("hot humid/tropical" 30°C/65 % RH), Thermotec TCS 1702 climatic chamber

    Zone IVb ("hot/higher humidity" 30°C/75 % RH), Thermotec TCS 1701 climatic chamber

    "Accelerated ambient" zone 40°C/75 % RH, Thermotec TCS 1702 climatic chamber

    Cold storage (2-8°C), BioPlus ER 930 and BioCompact II RR 410 medicine refrigerators

    Photostability tests, Thermotec TCS 501/L climatic chamber

    Special tests are available upon request

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