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At AGON, we are passionate about the development of new medicinal products, the support and maintenance of marketing authorisation documentation, as well as the execution and development of analytical methods, including right up to the release analysis. With over 30 years of experience, AGON is a flexible and reliable partner!

About AGON

We have been providing services in the fields of marketing authorisation and medicinal product development products, commissioned analysis and stability testing, as well as any tasks related to the acquisition and maintenance of your valuable marketing authorisations.

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The pharmaceutical laboratory at AGON continues to grow, standing at your side as a reliable partner for commissioned analysis. We firmly believe in a combination of flexibility and adherence to deadlines, while the continuous education of our long-term employees offers you a solid foundation. We will always be able to impress you with our efficiency and range of analytical options.

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Regulatory Affairs

Whether you need to convert to your dossiers to the eCTD format, need support during amendment proceedings or responding to deficiency letters, or even consulting regarding your strategy for acquiring marketing authorisation - AGON is your contact for all pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Benefit from over 30 years of experience in preparing and submitting national and international marketing authorisation documentation – we will have no problem getting up to speed with your project, and will remain at your side to advise and support the entire process.

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Product Development & Marketing Authorisation

AGON develops medicinal products and initiates marketing authorisation procedures throughout Europe by leveraging a well-established network of expert partners in the fields of contract manufacturing and extract production. We would love to present our current projects and partners to you.

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Active Substance Expertise

AGON has taken dozens of active substances through marketing authorisation and post-marketing procedures, ensuring our expertise in this regard. You can find a full list of our projects here. We would be happy to develop new projects with you, allowing you to build on our foundation of extensive industry experience.

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